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Rules If You want to join

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Rules If You want to join

Post by w1zw4rd on Sat Aug 28, 2010 5:00 am

You must have a KDR of 2.00+ to join? If you don't know what a KDR is go to kills and look for Kill death ratio- 2.00+ your in the clan otherwise- I'm sorry you can't join. There is an exception. If you are 1.95-1.99 and your very good at playing you can join- but you will have to be tested.

Weapons that are allowed:-
1sk is getting a lot of stick these days being called noobs because of the guns we apparently use. I have no idea who starts noobing about like that but if we say you cannot join YOU CAN'T SO YOU CAN'T PUT 1SK IN YOUR NAME! And plus we dissalllow noob toobes and machine guns. If you want to join 1sk you must be a good sniper- and/or very good at using a pistol. If you don't have this skill- you can't join.

Public Matches:-
Please when not playing with clan mates DON'T USE NOOB TUBES OR MACHINE GUNS. DONT CAMP OR DO ANYTHING THAT IS CLASSED AS NOOB. The only option if you want to do that is make a new account which you can use for noobing about.

BE-HAVE- don't flare or swear at members- don't be annoying- and don't beg for owner or admin.


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