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Post by w1zw4rd on Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:35 am

Sup guys w1zw4rd here...

this is kinda my personal forum for helping people- chatting/ debating stuff like that.

I will start a help list soon- on problems that you have with internet stuff- i'm pretty good at and i have encountered many problems and solved them ( in the end) its really cold today and my fingers are so numb i had to shut the window!

!Help List!

You Tube
Wanna look at my videos? My user name is WIZWARDCODWAW and i would be delighted if you could take a look at my videos. Any one who wants to post their favorite commentators are more than welcome to!
My You-tube channel
I have created many sites with a site builder- the quality is pretty good- i know i'm dumb so i though i'd get a free one! Need any help slam some posts here- don't break your key board please!

I have worked with wordpress making a VERY successful site that only got members when i posted some really hot topic that everyone wanted to know- now its fallen into disuse and i don't play the game that's its about any more- i stopped ages ago. But I'm still good at it.

Need any help with THIS forum just ask- I know I'm not like Joel - I know i don't have as many posts- but I'm sure i can help you with something

Wanna help me with this forum? PM me and I'll decide- I don't want everyone helping as gracious it would be- its not needed!

My Forum:
We need Graphics designers advertisers at the moment are you interested?

1sk}l0n3 w0lf- when thou attack i shall defend

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